Disaster Tele-surveillance

Charith Fernandoチャリス・フェルナンド
MHD Yamen Saraijiヤーメン・サライジ
Youichi Kamiyama神山 洋一
Kouta Minamizawa南澤 孝太

In this project, a 6 DOF Spatial Cognition Telexistence Robot System (TORSO) was used for remote surveillance during disaster situations. The Telexistence Robot was mounted on a driver’s seat of a Unmanned Backhoe (BH) and a remote operator wears a Head Mounted Display (HMD) and a remote controller to control the Backhoe from a distance. Operator can drive the remote machinery with confidence due to the spatial coherent consistency while feeling of sitting on the Backhoe seat and manipulating the machine as he was there. In future, the effectiveness of spatial coherent drive experience can be applied in working at construction sites and real hazardous fields.