Haruna Fushimi伏見はるな
Daiya Kato加藤大弥
Youichi Kamiyama神山洋一
Kazuya Yanagihara柳原一也
Kouta Minamizawa南澤孝太
Kai Kunzeカイ・クンツェ

The atmoSphere is a system that provides users immersive music experiences using spatial audio and haptic feedback. We use cross-modal correspondence -the interaction between two or more sensory modalities- to create an engaging user experience.

The atmoSphere consists of a spatialized music and a sphere shaped device which provides haptic feedback. It provides users imagination of large sound environment although they feel haptic sensation in their hands.



1. KMD Forum 2016
2. SXSW 2017 Sony - The WOW Factory ”Rez infinite + Synesthesia Suit” (atmoSphere Rez edition)
3. TEI 2017 KMD Exhibition
4. SIGGRAPH 2017 Emerging Technologies