Flow Zone

Tanner Personターナー・パーソン
Benjamin Outramベンジャミン・オートラム
Mina Shibasaki柴崎美奈
Youchi Kamiyama神山洋一
Kouta Minamizawa南澤 孝太

Flow Zone is a VR experience that provides a rich, synesthetic environment to center the player’s focus on the present moment and catalyze a flow state. We use body movement and poi as the medium to dynamically create and interact with music, enabling players to embody both DJ and dancer simultaneously. Music synchronizes with visuals and haptics using VR and our custom haptics suit to create a fully immersive experience where life melts away and only creative and self-expression remain. Find happiness and wellbeing through flow, and emerge rejuvenated by entering the Flow Zone.



Dubai International Film Festival 2017