Jack and the Beanstalk

Shota Sugimoto杉本 将太
Haruna Fushimi伏見 はるな
Tomoya Sasaki佐々木 智也
Takuro Nakao中尾 拓郎
Daiya Kato加藤 大弥
Maeda Tomosuke前田 智祐
Mio Yamamoto山本 澪

Most of us human beings have the fear of heights, although undoubtedly, those very same heights could offer a sense of excitement and thrill. This work, "Jack and the Beanstalk", attempts to encapsulate the experience of such thrills through immersing in a virtual reality game while interacting with a climbing rope device. As the name suggests, the game is deeply rooted around the the fairy tale, "Jack and the Beanstalk". As such, the game presents a high quality multisensory experience by providing auditory stimuli and vibrotactile feedback that also invokes a sense of insecurity (of heights) to the participant.



1. 2015.10 DC-EXPO(IVRC決勝本戦)にて展示
2. 2015.10 KMD-FORUM(東京)にて展示
3. 2016.3 LAVAL VIRTUAL(FRANCE)にて招待展示



1. 2015.10 VR学会賞受賞(IVRC)
2. 2015.11 ラバルバーチャル賞受賞(IVRC)
3. 2016.3 NHK情報番組「マサカメ」にて紹介
4. 2016.3 フランス放送局"M6" 情報番組「Le 1245」にて紹介