Synchronized Running

Tomohisa Hirano 平野智久
Junichi Kanebako金箱淳一
Kouta Minamizawa 南澤孝太

“Synchronized Running” is a running support system for the blind marathon. The device proposed is in the shape of a knee brace.
During the blind marathon, the blind runners pair up with sighted runners to help guide them.
The biggest issue in this sport is the lack of the guide runners that can assist the blind athletes.
Moreover, the first time blind and sighted people run together, physical disparity often occurs.
Therefore, it is difficult for blind and sighted people to match each other's running tempo.
By using “Synchronized Running”, when the blind runner’s foot hits the ground, the vibration is sent to the escort runner’s ankle brace.
When the escort runner feels the vibration, she can understand the blind runner’s running tempo.
This way, every pair can experience comfortable, enjoyable, and synchronized running despite any handicap, through adjusting and understanding each other’s running tempo.

『Synchronized Running』は盲人マラソンの伴走体験を支援する足首のサポーターです。
『Synchronized Running』を用いると、視覚障害者(黄色のサポーター)が地面を蹴り出すタイミングで伴走者(緑色のサポーター)に振動が伝わり、足を出すタイミングを揃えやすくなります。





More info

平野智久, 金箱淳一, 南澤孝太, “ランニングテンポ伝達による盲人マラソンの伴走体験の支援”, 研究報告アクセシビリティ(AAC),2017-AAC-5(14),1-5 (2017-12-01) , 2432-2431