Synesthesia Wear

Taichi Furukawa古川泰地
Nobuhisa Hanamitsu花光宣尚
Yoichi Kamiyama神山洋一
Hideaki Nii新居英明
Charalampos Krekoukiotis
Kouta Minamizawa南澤孝太
Akihito Noda野田聡人
Junko Yamada山田順子
Keiichi Kitamura北村恵一
Daisuke Niwa丹羽大介
Yoshiaki Hirano平野義明
Tetsuya Mizuguchi水口哲也

This is Synesthesia Wear, a full-body, customizable haptic interface. This wear not only looks as flexible as ordinary cloth, but also the attached modules are powered and controlled through this conductive textile via two-dimensional signal transmission(2DST) technology. The haptic modules have a pin, badge-like connector, and it can be freely attached on the con- ductive textile, enabling users to personally customize the experience to their own liking. This module can render variations of haptic feedback to the torso and all limbs of the body, and visu- alize representations using LED light patterns. We also proposed a spatial computing experience inspired by the perceptual phenomenon called synesthesia. The system provides an sensory blended experience in which the user walks around freely in real space. The user can interact with real and virtual environments, in a reality-overlapping way by wearing Synesthesia Wear.



Enhance Experience, inc.
NANZAN University
Japan Science and Technology Agency.



ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Emerging Technologies